Pastor Brian Vieira is an ordained Christian minister with over 20 years of expository teaching and personal counseling experience. His God-given desire is to equip couples with the biblical tools they need to build strong, loving, and lasting marriages.

Pastor Brian believes (and teaches) that scriptural application is the single most powerful tool that couples can use to effect transformational change in their relationship. His vision for couples also promotes each spouse’s personal and individual growth. His goal is to help each spouse to renew their minds in order to renew their marriages. Pastor Brian has a special place in his heart for Christians who are married to non-Christians or spouses that don’t care about the marriage. His unique biblical counseling gives hope to the committed spouse. These unequally yoked spouses learn about the “Power of Two: How God and You Can Make Your Marriage New.”

Pastor Brian is a graduate of NYC's prestigious Stuyvesant H.S., and an alumnus of Emory University and Brooklyn College's Graduate Division where he earned his masters degree in American History.
An award-winning state certified Master Teacher with over 25 years of academic experience, Rev. Vieira taught American History in high school for 14 years. He was awarded "Students' Choice Teacher of the Year" at Wingate H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y for his passionate commitment to helping underprivileged, inner-city youth to excel. His students consistently scored far above city and state norms on the NYS American History Regents Exams.

In 2001, Pastor Brian established his own state-certified school to assist students at smaller teacher-student ratios. He also established ScholarSkills Learning Center as an after-school program to help students to master the foundations for excellence in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

He is currently the President of ScholarSkills Learning Center which assists students, parents, and teachers in their quest for excellence. ScholarSkills offers direct tutoring to students, guidance counseling to parents, developmental curriculum to schools, and professional development workshops for teachers in English Language Arts, American History, and the implementation of civics education.

​Pastor Brian is the author of H.O.T.-DOCS (Higher Ordered Thinking Through Documents) which helps teachers, and parent-educators to teach students the founding principles through the founding documents. He is also the author of the ELA Sentence-Smart Grammar Curriculum, and the Word-Parts for Word-Smarts Vocabulary Acquisition Curriculum which helps students to learn vocabulary interactively through morphology and etymology.

Pastor Brian is an award-winning educator and public speaker with over 25 years of classroom, administrative, and counseling experience. As an ordained minister, he teaches couples how to renew their minds and their marriages. As a state certified educator, he teaches students of all ages how to read, write, and think with confidence and excellence.

ScholarSkills also creates easy to use educational tools for parents to interact with their children, and provides online classes for students of all ages and nationalities. ScholarSkills has also been a curriculum creator and consultant for state and local educational agencies since 2001.

Pastor Brian is the creator of ELA-LIVE, an innovative program that makes grammar and vocabulary acquisition easy and exciting for students of all ages. As an engaging and dynamic public speaker, Rev. Vieira offers professional development workshops that show teachers how to make ELA and Exciting Learning Activity for everyone. He is also the author of several ELA books and curriculum resources which are featured on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com Each text is supplemented with color coded manipulatives which create a Visual Interactive Thought-provoking Associative Learning (V.I.T.A.L.) experience for students. Pastor Brian is also the creator of English Made Easy which is ScholarSkills' flagship interactive online course. English Made Easy helps American and international students from over 98 countries to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
Director at ScholarSkills, Inc.
June 2001 - Present (15 years 4 months)
Creates E Learning Programs to prepare New York City students for standardized tests. Creates and implements online curricula
President at ScholarSkills Learning Center
January 2001 - Present (15 years 9 months)
Creating ELA and Social Studies curriculum for schools and parents. Administrating after school tutorial and test preparation programs. Providing professional development, consultancy, and curricula to schools and districts.