Don’t Make It Personal

Don’t identify your spouse with his dysfunctions and faults. Don’t treat him as if he is a sinner; just treat him with the same grace, mercy, truth, and love that God has granted to you. Freely you have received, freely give.

Finally, don’t take your wife or your husband for granted.  Time is short. It may seem as if we have forever to love each other, but we don’t.  Let us live as if today is our first day with each other—and perhaps our last.  Too often, there is no time to say goodbye. Love now. Pray hard during conflicts for the storm clouds to break and for the Son to shine again in both of your hearts.  Laugh loudly during seasons of joy and wait patiently during seasons of confusion.  Remember in every difficulty these abiding words: “This too shall pass.”  Hold on to live and to love another day.  Cast away the bitterness, and keep renewing your mind and growing your marriage.