Grow Your Marriage Classes

Grow Your Marriage Class: The 7 Seeds You Can Sow to Make Your Marriage Grow
These are LIVE Interactive Video Classes taught by Pastor Brian Vieira.
($45 per class)

Each class consists of 30 minutes of biblical teaching and 15 minutes of questions. Classes are held online as live streaming broadcasts. Couples then call the seminar hot line where they can join a community of listeners to ask and receive answers to their questions.

Classes are held once per week (four classes per month)

You’ll learn how to use the 7 Seeds System to prevent or overcome conflicts. You’ll also learn how to use conflicts as an opportunity to grow your marriage. You’ll learn how to “Sow” the 7 Seeds to grow your marriage every day.

By using the 7 Seeds System, you’ll gain the wisdom you need to make yourself and your marriage stronger and happier.

In our Grow Your Marriage Classes, you will

Learn how to put Faith in God’s process for your marriage’s success
Learn how to Listen to the Lord and to your spouse
Learn how to take Ownership of your emotions and your spouse’s needs
Learn how to place God’s Value on yourself and on your spouse
Learn how to light the fires of faith-based expectations in your heart and in your marriage
Learn how to act redemptively by showing God’s grace and mercy to each other
Learn how to serve and meet each other’s needs

Faith in God’s Word for marriage will give you the love, obedience, and wisdom you need to

Listen closely to each other’s hearts and minds to take
Ownership of each other’s dreams as you learn to place God’s
Value on your self and your spouse. Then you will develop great
Expectations for your marriage knowing that you are able to
Redeem each other from destructive habits and conflicts as you learn how to
Serve each other’s God-given needs and desires

These are the 7 Seeds You Can Sow To Make Your Marriage Grow:

The 7 Seeds create the Faith of L.O.V.E.R.S.