How to avoid emotional dependence

“And whatever you do, do as unto the Lord, and not unto man.” Colossians

This is a verse that we usually apply to work, but it also applies to marriage and other relationships. Whatever kindness you show in relationships must be done as if you are doing it for and because of the Lord. Your acts of love and kindness must first be acts of worship unto your savior Jesus Christ. Why? Because if you do something for someone and they don’t respond appropriately, your “kindness” will turn to resentment. We are hooked on each other’s responses, and this causes emotional dependence that leads to bitter resentments. Do what you do as an act of worship designed to please God first, and no matter what your spouse or loved one does or doesn’t do—even if they don’t regard, remember, or requite your love— you will still have a merry heart because your motive was pure right from the start.