How to succeed at home and at work

Is it possible for us to balance our work and family lives successfully? The biblical answer would be yes–if we had wisdom. The Bible defines wisdom as the ability to live skillfully, righteously, and effectively in every realm of life. Wisdom encompasses and integrates our entire existence, and keeps us from segmenting and divorcing one aspect of life from another. Instead of seeing life as a tug of war between work and family responsibilities, the biblical concept of wisdom leads us to think of our lives as a whole. Wisdom helps us to be loving, kind, and generous towards our loved ones and our coworkers. It helps us to create wealth by teaching us how to use our resources efficiently and effectively. But it also helps us to say and to do the right things in the right way in all of our relationships so that we become successful at home and at work.

Wisdom leads to wholeness. This wholeness is what the Bible calls “Shalom.” It is the peace, prosperity, health, and success that we should desire in every good endeavor—not only for ourselves but for others. And because the tyranny of the urgent, and the mad, never off-always on pace of our society drives us to futility and fragmentation, we desperately need this biblical wisdom today so that we do not end up gaining the whole world and losing our souls. How do we gain this wisdom? The Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament is a great place to start. Written by the wisest and wealthiest man in the Bible, Proverbs is a collection of practical aphorisms that help us to choose the right thoughts, words, and ways in every part of our lives. I hope you join me for future posts as we begin to explore the best advice from the mind of God to the mind of man.