One Flesh

Practical steps to take as you sow and cultivate the Seed of Ownership or the “One Flesh Mindset” to your marriage

Step 1: Love believes all things:
Give the benefit of the doubt: “There must be a good reason why he or she wants this or is feeling this, or thinking this.”

Step 2: ASK (Ask, Seek, Knock)
Seek clarification for understanding.

Step 3: Listen attentively to heart and mind, words and feelings, to see if and why this is so important to your spouse. Once you have established the weight of this issue to your spouse, think of some desire that you consider of equal importance or value, then see your spouse’s need from that perspective. Honor its value and carry the burden.

Step 4: Ask The One Flesh  Questions:
“Since this is so important, how can I work with her or him to get this done.” Look for a common way to get to the same goal.