Sow Love

Marriage is a promise. But it’s not just a promise between you and your spouse, it’s primarily God’s promise to you. His promise is that if we love one another as he has loved us then we will reap the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our homes and our hearts, and that our marriages will be blessings to our children and to our society as testimonies of how God loves his people. Our marriages can and should be the greatest testimony and reflection of God’s love to his world.
But because each of us comes into marriage with our own unique set of problems and faults and dysfunctions, marriage requires faith, love, obedience, and wisdom. It requires faith that if we love unconditionally as God loves regardless to what we are feeling or what we are dealing with in our homes, God will see us through and make his love the dominant atmosphere of our hearts and our homes.
When we sow love in faith, we reap the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s love in our homes. His love becomes dominant in our hearts and homes because we trusted in him and sowed love.

How do you sow love in your home? By doing a good and kind deed deliberately for your spouse even when and especially when you don’t feel like it. We sow love when we learn to think of our spouse as God thinks of him or her. We sow love when we see our spouse as forgiven, accepted, and as a new creation in Christ. We sow love when we don’t treat our spouses according to their faults or as their sins deserve. We sow love when we love one another as he has loved us and when we see one another as he sees us. But this takes faith. It takes faith in God’s Word to go against our feelings, to go against what the world says. The world tells us that we should forgive but not forget. The world tells us that our marriage is only as good as it’s good for us. The world tells us when we are not being fulfilled that we should find someone else to fulfill our needs. But God says hold on, press on, trust me and do for each other what I would do–and have done for you– whether or not you feel like it. Place your marriage on the sure foundation of faith in God’s promise and not on the shifting sands of feelings according to the world’s ideals. Then you will see the power of two: that God and you can make and keep your marriage new.