Take Care Of Your Plants

In summary, Faith is the first seed because
one or both spouse(s) must have faith in God’s
power, in the Laws of Love, and in the Law of
Sowing and Reaping. It is the Faith that
believes that the best days are yet to come,
that if you hold to God’s way, your marriage will
grow day by day. We sow that seed as we pray
for each other and encourage each other
towards a closer relationship with God. Learn
to talk about the Bible as it applies practically
to your daily lives. Don’t preach; just talk
naturally with each other about God’s
goodness and wisdom throughout your lives.
Make gratitude your mutual attitude. Let God’s
goodness be the first words in the morning and
the last words in the evening.
As you sow these seeds into your marriage,
remember that you must sow them continually.
God is the center. He is the marriage-maker
and the marriage-keeper. As the spokes on a
wheel get closer as they approach its center,
so will you get closer as you both walk towards
the Divine Center–your Lord Jesus Christ.