Three Things Learned From Sowing and Reaping

When My wife and I were experiencing tempestuous conflicts earlier in our marriage, we learned three things from this eternal principle of sowing and reaping.

First, each of us had to take responsibility for our relationship. We couldn’t blame one another for the way things were. Both of us could look back and see that we were reaping the seeds of conflict which we had both sown into our marriage over the years.

Second, the law of sowing and reaping gave us great hope. We believed that each of us had the power to change our relationship simply by sowing the right seeds into our own hearts and into our relationship over time. We felt great assurance and joy knowing that if we sowed patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, joy, and peace, then our relationship would be filled with the fruit of the Spirit. Though this was easier said than done, we knew that even if only one of us were sowing the right seeds, we could still hope to see righteous fruit and great benefits for our relationship.

Third, we realized that marriage was like a garden because like gardens, relationships require hard work and persistence to produce the fruits or desired results. Love works—hard!